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ENS Contract Check

This is a proof-of-concept tool that allows a lookup of verified contracts on ENS by checking text records for smart contract addresses. We think this is cool because it can help users confirm the smart contract addresses they interact with are attested by the protocol iteslf.
This came about because a Uniswap governance proposal aimed to identify official deployments of the protocol across chains.
Because there is no standard for this yet, this tool assumes the format that Uniswap uses:

            key:   chain ID
            value: comma separated list of contracts
Though, there should probably be a standard for this. If you have a different format and want to have your contracts show up here or want to collaborate on a standard shoot us a DM @dApplingNetwork on Twitter.

Anyway, here it is. We have already entered in the Uniswap ENS name for you 🤗